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Upcoming Meetings

Inessa Yurchenko and Best Chaipornkaew to the 2017 Aramco–KFUPM–Stanford University Geology Field Seminar and Conference, Bahamas, to study modern carbonate depositional systems under the leadership of Dr. Peter Swart of the University of Miami and Dr.Dave Cantrell of KFUPM.

AAPG ACE convention in Houston, April, 2017. Presentations by Wisam AlKawai (linking rock physics with BPSM in the Gulf) of Mexico and by Will Thompson-Butler (identifying oil families in the Middle Magdalena Valley of Colombia.)

Pacific Section-AAPG annual meeting in Anchorage,  AK, May, 2017. Allegra Hosford Scheirer convenes a special session on Alaska North Slope source rocks. Inessa Yurchenko and Mustafa Al Ibrahim will  present their research.

Laura Dafov will present initial results from research on gas hydrates in the Terrebonne Basin, Gulf of Mexico, at the 9th International Conference on Gas Hydrates in Denver, June, 2017.