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Understanding petrophysics of shale to calibrate regional basin models

Second-year Masters student Minh Tran works at the intersection of basin and petroleum system modeling and rock physics, under the guidance of BPSM Principal Scientist Tapan Mukerji. Generally, research topics focus on understanding shale properties, specifically velocity anisotropy and dependence on pressure, and using these to facilitate the calibration of regional basin models.  Minh’s specific research focuses on the organic-rich shale formations (Shublik and Kingak) of the North Slope of Alaska. Possible measurements that could be conducted on core plugs (vertical and horizontal in different stratigraphic layers) are: bench-top pressure measurements, high resolution SEM, and Force Modulation Microscopy. Spatial variation in petrophysical properties will be explained based on distribution of kerogen bodies. Future work may include the cascaded reservoir characterization workflow to incorporate seismic data, rock physics, and geostatistics to generate lithofacies/porosity/permeability maps.




Petrophysical Fig 1
Petrophysical Fig 2
Petrophysical Fig 3