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Tess Menotti leads field trip to the Salinas Basin

Tess Menotti has been busy in the spring of her 4th year at Stanford. She led an excellent one-day field trip to the Salinas Basin as part of the Pacific Section AAPG/SPE meeting on April 25, 2013.  The trip combined visits to the outcrops with results from her modeling studies in the basin. Earlier in the meeting she presented research on tectonics and sedimentation in the Salinas basin.  Additionally, she was invited to speak at a USGS seminar in Menlo Park, the Chevron Hydrocarbon Charge Workshop in Houston, and at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Tess also pursued a project analyzing Monterey Formation rock samples at California State University at Long Beach to better understand the Salinas basin's diagenetic and burial history.