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The BPSM YouTube channel adds value to Affiliate membership!  Short courses and petroleum system videos are valuable for onboarding new employees as well as providing experienced employees the opportunity to brush up on fundamental aspects of petroleum systems. In this way, our research progress is pushed out to affiliates in a timely manner.

Current content:

  1. A six-episode refresher course in petroleum geochemistry for basin modeling
  2. Student talks from this year's BPSM Annual Meeting; Webinars on:
    • (a) Deconvoluting North Sea oil-gas condensate mixtures (e.g., Draupne-Sleipner/Hugin) to account for gas fraction yields, accurate genetic classification, proportions of endmembers, and GOR prediction;
    • (b) Compositional modeling of oil and gas in basin modeling;
    • (c) An integrated geophysical approach to seismic imaging and pore pressure prediction with rock physics constraints;
    • (d) New kinetics for modeling petroleum generation, retention, and expulsion from unconventional source rocks; and
    • (e) Case studies.

Affiliate-only access to the Meeting Guide, Field Trip Guide, and talk slides are available via OneDrive and anonymous FTP (depending on your company's restrictions).  Please contact Allegra Hosford Scheirer for access. This information will also be included in all future newsletters.

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Six-episode refresher course in geochemistry

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Playlist 2 - Most talks from the 2020 Annual Meeting

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Fundamental Subjects