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The BPSM GitHub repository archives freely available basin models

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Affiliate-only access to the Meeting Guide, Field Trip Guide, and talk slides are available via OneDrive and anonymous FTP (depending on yourcompany's restrictions). Please contact Allegra Hosford Scheirer for access. This information will also be included in all future newsletters.

Currently available basin models

  • Piceance Basin (3D), Colorado  (Yao Tong, now at Chevron)
  • East Coast Basin (2D), New Zealand   (Blair Burgreen-Chan, now at ConocoPhillips)
  • Los Angeles Basin (3D), California   (Lauren Schultz, now at Shell)
  • Salinas Basin (3D), California   (Tess Menotti, formerly at Chevron)

All basin models are:

  • Thoroughly documented
  • Includes “readme”
  • Links to dissertation and journal articles
Salinas Basin topographical map
Salinas Basin (3D), California
Piceance Basin topographical map
Piceance Basin (3D), Colorado
East Coast Basin topographical map
East Coast Basin (2D), New Zealand
Los Angeles Basin (3D), California
Los Angeles Basin (3D), California

Also available: Two script packages.

Madini and BPSM Auto Toolbox