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San Joaquin Basin, California

The Vallecitos Syncline is a westerly structural extension of the western San Joaquin Basin, a prolific oil and gas province in central Californa.
Porcelanite and chert originate from marine diatoms as diatomite, which undergoes diagenetic conversion of amorphous opal (opal-A) to cristobalite and tridymite (opal-CT) and finally quartz.

BPSM Scientists Ken Peters and Oliver Schenk, along with graduate student Danica Dralus, built a prototype module in commercially available petroleum system modeling software to determine the depth

The phase transitions from opal-A to opal-CT to quartz plays an important role in hydrocarbon trapping in regions with siliceous deposits, particularly where structural traps are absent.
The geochemical work for this project by graduate student Meng He comprises two components.
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