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Our Affiliates

San Joaquin Basin

These are the companies currently affiliated with the Basin and Petroleum System Modeling Industrial Affiliates Program. We give a special thanks to Schlumberger for their very generous donations of software. 

Equinor (Statoil)
Southwestern Energy

     With special thanks to Schlumberger

Companies may provide additional funding to be used to support a particular area of research identified on our website, or the research of a listed BPSM faculty member. In either instance, the director of the affiliate program will determine how the additional funding will be used in the program's research. All research results arising from the use of the additional funding will be shared with all program members and the general public.

BPSM's Industrial Affiliates Program is actively seeking additional industry partners. This sample agreement describing member benefits is available for review for those interested. The Annual Membership Fee for the Affiliates Program in 2019 is $44,000.

If your company is potentially interested in joining this research effort, please contact Stephan Graham (,  650-723-0507) or Allegra Hosford Scheirer (, 650-498-7449).

For more information about program memberships, refer to the excerpt from Stanford's Research Policy Handbook.