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A highlight of the Winter Quarter (January-March, 2014) was the inaugural teaching of Quantitative Methods in Basin and Petroleum System Modeling as a full-fledged course; a pilot course of 6 lectu

BPSM students & scientists took advantage of the opportunity to attend numerous short courses during the year.

Several students attended the KFUPM-Stanford field trip in El Paso, TX in March 2014 with Stanford Professor and organizer Don Lowe.

This is a busy summer for BPSM graduate students. Tess Menotti and Blair Burgreen successfully defended their PhD theses on August 8, 2014! Congratulations!

BPSM students and researchers have attended numerous meetings and trainings in 2013 and 2014:

BPSM is excited to announce that graduate students Minh Tran and Wisam AlKawai graduated with their Masters' degrees in June 2014.

Save the date! The BPSM Industrial Affiliates Meeting is scheduled for November 12 (evening Icebreaker), November 13 (oral session) and 14 (field trip), 2013 in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.

Graduate student Danica Dralus successfully completed her PhD thesis “Chemical interactions between silicates and their pore fluids: How they affect rock physics properties from atomic to reservoir scales” and joins the BPSM group full-time as its first Postdoctoral Scholar.
Tess Menotti has been busy in the spring of her 4th year at Stanford. She led an excellent one-day field trip to the Salinas Basin as part of the Pacific Section AAPG/SPE meeting on April 25, 2013.

Blair Burgreen attended a weeklong field school led by ExxonMobil in the spring of 2013.


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