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New initiative in gas hydrate modeling

Last fall, BPSM kicked off a new initiative in gas hydrate modeling in cooperation with the National Energy Technology Lab (NETL) of the Department of Energy. NETL and BPSM will partner together in studying the gas hydrate petroleum system as a whole. Research will be cover the entire process, from initial formation in the pore space of shallow sediments to how the gas changes the material properties (porosity, permeability, etc.) of those sediments to the response of the methane to ambient conditions (for example, changes in water depth). First year student Laura Dafov is in the early stages of constructing a geologic model for the Terrebonne mini-basin in the Gulf of Mexico. The sands in this one mini-basin may house ~750 BCF of gas from the gas hydrate petroleum system alone. Second year student Zack Burton will complement his work on the thermogenic petroleum systems in the Pegasus Basin, New Zealand with a look at the gas hydrate system as well.