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Meetings: 2013-2014

BPSM students and researchers have attended numerous meetings and trainings in 2013 and 2014:
--Allegra Hosford Scheirer gave an invited talk at the 2013 AGU Town Hall Physical Samples in the Digital Age and Blair Burgreen presented a poster at the AGU 2013 Fall Meeting.
--Wisam AlKawai attended the SEG Annual Meeting in Houston, TX, in September. He also attended the Geomodeling training at the Basin Scale workshop.
--In November, Inessa Yurchenko and Allegra Hosford Scheirer attended the AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop on “Hydrocarbon Charge Considerations in Liquid-Rich Unconventional Petroleum Systems” in Vancouver, Canada. 
--Tess Menotti gave a talk titled “Moving Targets-Petroleum System Modeling in Central California at the at Northern California Geological Society in February 2014.
--Wisam AlKawa was a convener (by special invitation) at the SPE Pore Pressure Workshop, San Antonio, in March 2014.
--Inessa Yurchenko, Ken Peters, and Les Magoon attended the AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition in April 2014 in Houston. 
--Allegra Hosford Scheirer and Les Magoon attended the AAPG Pacific Section meeting in Bakersfield, CA in June 2014. 
--Lauren Schultz and Ken Peters attended the 2014 Monterey and Related Sediments (MARS) Industrial Affiliates Meeting at Cal State Long Beach in June 2014 at the invitation of Dr. Rick Bell where Ken also gave an invited talk. 
--Allegra Hosford Scheirer presented a talk at the AAPG URTeC conference in Denver in August 2014.