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Education Activities 2013

BPSM students have been busy! BPSM Principal Scientists Ken Peters and Allegra Hosford Scheirer taught the program’s core course, Basin and Petroleum System Modeling, during the Winter Quarter of 2013. Several new graduate students in the program plus additional students in the School of Earth Scientists spent 10 weeks in lecture and lab learning the theory and practice of basin and petroleum system modeling. Additionally, BPSM Principal Scientist Carolyn Lampe spent a week on campus working one-on-one with students on their basin modeling research. This was time-well-spent for everyone involved. Finally, new students Minh Tran and Inessa Yurchenko participated in core viewing workshops coordinated by Great Bear Petroleum in connection with their research on source rocks of the Alaska North Slope. Inessa also spent 3 weeks at Biomarker Technologies in June learning all about molecular organic geochemistry with industry colleagues.