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Danica Dralus completes PhD thesis

Graduate student Danica Dralus successfully completed her PhD thesis “Chemical interactions between silicates and their pore fluids: How they affect rock physics properties from atomic to reservoir scales”  and joins the BPSM group full-time as its first Postdoctoral Scholar. She will be examining the role that carbon plays on kinetics in source rock samples from the Monterey Formation. (8/30/13)
Post-doctoral scholar Danica Dralus completed experiments  on the role that organic carbon plays in transformation kinetics. She spent 6 weeks at the USGS Denver Federal Center collaborating with Dr. Michael D. Lewan on the effects of TOC on the opal-A to opal-CT phase transition. Danica began work full-time at BP in the reservoir geophysics group in Houston. (date 6/1/14)