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The Basin and Petroleum System Modeling research group invites applications for Ph.D./M.S. research assistantships in the department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at the doctoral or masters' or degree level. You must apply to Stanford University to the Geological and Environmental Sciences Department; applications are generally accepted each fall from the beginning of September through mid-December for matriculation the following academic year.  If you decide to apply, you should elaborate on your interests in basin and petroleum system modeling in your statement of interest and indicate with which professor(s) you would like to work. Students will have access to all researchers associated with BPSM, but you must specify one of the BPSM directors (i.e., Stanford faculty) in your application.

Projects will combine modern quantitative computational modeling and stochastic simulations with geology, geochemistry and geophysics to address energy-focused research on sedimentary basins and petroleum systems. A background with interdisciplinary training in petroleum geology, chemistry, mathematics, or geophysics is desirable. Assistantships include a stipend, tuition, and health insurance.

To be admitted, you must have GRE score, GPA, TOEFL score, letters of recommendation, and relevant experience that would make you competitive with other applicants for admission. You can follow up with Alyssa Ferree, our department's admissions officer, for more information on admissions.

Prospective students are encouraged to schedule a visit. Please Contact Us for details (see footer).